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The Secret Ingredient Is Love

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●Worldwide Express Shipping

●Ships from Turkey

● Free to US, Canada, and Europe.

●Taxes are included.

●We use sturdy boxes to avoid damages.


● 1.5mm High-Quality Steel

● Powder Coated

● Creates a quality texture touch feeling and appearance.


How To Hang

●The product is ready to be hung on the wall, it does not require installation.

●The product has a 3-dimensional decoration on the wall with its structure and shadow.
● Stands 1.5 cm away from the wall.
● You can hang the product with a single nail from the hanging attachment on the back.

Product Description

The secret ingredient is love - Metal Wall Decor is designed by BlackIvy Craft.

This kitchen quote is perfect wall decor for your modern kitchen walls. The material is 2mm steel sheet with industrial paint. The paint is textured which gives stylish look to wall decor.

How to hang?
You can mount the product without damaging the wall thanks to the hanging strips behind.

the: 16x14cm -6.2" x5.5"
secret: 28x12cm - 11"x4.7"
ingredient: 46x19cm - 18"x7.4"
is: 8x9 cm - 3.1"x 3.5"
love: 17x15cm - 6.7"x5.9"

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