Bedroom Decor with Sun Wall Decor

5 Tips for Styling Your Bedroom

1- Let's start with colors!

Decide the atmosphere of your bedroom. If you are a morning person and enjoy sunlight you may prefer bright colors in your room. Designers always start with a color palette. Color palettes will help you to create a charming bedroom. It will be easier to have balance and harmony in your room. You can find color palette examples on Pinterest or create yours. It can be neutral or earthy tones.


Studio-McGee bedroom with bright-neutral tones in balance.


Or you might enjoy morning sleep and prefer darker colors. But remember to add bright tones. Even small details like fixtures, or small artwork can make difference.

Dark color walls and neutral color bedding, artwork in harmony. 




2-  Symmetry is optional.

Symmetry is not a rule. You can combine different styles of bedside tables. 

3- Textures to give depth.

Bedroom Decoration

Add textures to create a warmer feeling. Different layers of rugs, curtains, benches, and sheets give depth.


Libitii -Etsy shop (bench)    


4- Mirrors to reflect light.


Tall mirrors will reflect the sunlight and make your room look spacious.

5- Artworks

Add character to your modern bedroom decor with metal artworks. A single, large piece or a set of two or more frames can fill out what is almost always a bare space in the room – above the bed.

Let's Stay in Bed -blackivycraft

Let's Stay in Bed - Metal Words


Abstract Metal Wall Art Set                                   Sun Gold Wall Decor Set

Floral girl metal wall decor Mid century modern wall decor

Blooming Woman Wall Decor           Mid-century Modern Wall Decor Set


Sweet Dreams -Metal Words

Lily Gold Wall Decor




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