6 Surprising Designer Tips for Wall Decoration

6 Surprising Designer Tips for Wall Decoration

  1. Wall to Wall Shelving

    Wall to wall shelve

    Pinterest - Chrislovesjulia

    Imagine a room where shelves blend effortlessly with a splash of color, forming a vibrant focal point that's not only stylish but also practical.

  2. Simple Minimalistic Words

    Black Ivy Craft - Wanderlus Minimalistic Words Wall Art

    Black Ivy Craft - Wanderlust Metal Wall Sign

    Wanderlust Metal Wall Sign is designed by BlackIvy Crafts. This metal wall art will upgrade your home. This minimalistic home decor can also be a good gift idea for your traveler friends.

  3. Partial Illumination

    Partial Lighting

    Ikea - Ranarp

    A floor lamp can command attention, add a touch of modern flair to your space with partial softer lighting. Pairing with a simple yet captivating artwork, it can be stunning.

  4. Painted Brick Walls

    Painted Brick Walls

    A fresh coat of paint can magically transform any wall, regardless of its texture, into a cohesive and stylish space.

  5. Big Frames on Wall

    Female Line Art Gold Decor Set

    Black Ivy Craft - Female Line Art Wall Decor Set

    Create sophisticated touch on your home with big frames of Black Ivy Craft Wall Decors. A set of Female Line Art Gold Decor is the perfect touch for it. You can choose different size

  6. Indoor Plant Hangers

    Indoor Plant Hangers - Black Ivy Craft

    Black Ivy Craft - Gold Circle Plant Hanger Set

    This Gold Plant Hanger Set is designed perfectly for your modern home by Black Ivy Craft. This metal artwork can be placed indoors or outdoor. It is perfect with ivy but you can prefer different middle-sized plants. This will definitely add character to your modern space. It is also a really good art gift idea.

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